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Clean, smart and efficient spaces are critical to learning and living environments.

Imagine a campus where the essential is exceptional. Aramark helps you harness the power of your facilities to get there.

Your campus’ environment shapes your students’ educational experience and empowers faculty and staff to deliver their best work. A facilities management partner that brings proven solutions, technical expertise, and innovative thinking can elevate your institution’s spaces and its brand.

Serving over 100 institutions and with decades of experience in facilities management, we bring:
  • A comprehensive portfolio of integrated facilities services
  • Deep technical and engineering expertise to address campus challenges
  • Continuous innovation and award-winning operational excellence
  • A proven approach to delivering measurable outcomes and documented performance

Aramark Facilities Management is dedicated to delivering remarkable results and can do the same for your institution.

What Makes Us Different?

Through Integrated Facilities Management (IFM), Aramark brings unparalleled resources, expertise and solutions to colleges and universities.

Our clients benefit from:
  • Confident application of best practices and insights gathered from serving education, research, healthcare, commercial real estate and other industries.
  • Deep technical expertise delivered by our Engineering Solutions division, one of the most accomplished technical resources serving higher education.
  • Flexible delivery models specifically tailored to meet each client's needs.
  • Commitment to continuous innovation, resulting in industry leading solutions, application of technology, and measurable outcomes.

We don’t just manage your campus facilities, we partner with you and your campus community to deliver the outcomes you desire.

The Aramark Approach
For Remarkable Results

Our integrated facilities management services make keeping your campus running smoothly a hassle-free experience. From cleaning programs that protect occupants’ health to innovative maintenance and engineering that protect assets and drive efficiencies, our solutions are rooted in technical expertise and a people-first approach.

We excel in delivering flexible solutions tailored to your campus’ distinct needs, while applying leading-edge technology and robust data analytics to drive efficiencies.

Our team is an extension of yours – an invested partner ready to support you in your commitment to your buildings, students, faculty and staff.

Elevate Your Campus With Aramark Facilities Management

Dynamic solutions drive efficiency, improve campus facilities’ performance and help keep students safe.

Here are some of the ways our Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) services can set your campus apart from the competition.

Business Intelligence For a Smarter Campus

IMPACT — Make data-driven decisions that improve services and reduce operating costs.

Access to data and real-time insights has changed how facilities are managed. Aramark’s AIWX™ Connect helps you create a safer, smarter campus by drawing together a suite of business intelligence and real-time data tools for your campus. With sensors monitoring everything from indoor air quality, to equipment operation, to water leaks, there are no surprises. Combined with Aramark’s technical and operational expertise, your spaces and systems are optimized to work seamlessly. Data-driven business intelligence increases staff productivity, prevents issues before they arise and improves occupant satisfaction.

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Demand-Driven Services

IMPACT — Maximize facilities management investment with flexible solutions.

Historically, campuses have managed their facilities operations assuming buildings were fully occupied and equipment fully operational. However, the past few years have forced reconsideration, prompting a new operating model where services need only be delivered based on actual demand. We embrace a demand-driven approach to facilities management that maximizes your resources by delivering services when and where needed. By leveraging data from your spaces and equipment in real-time, we deliver adaptable solutions that address your needs as they shift. Everything from cleaning schedules to heating and cooling solutions are tailored based on demand, saving you money and time.

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Engineering Solutions

IMPACT — Solve today’s complex building challenges.

Every campus will require highly specialized, technical expertise at some point. Aramark Engineering Solutions provides clients with immediate access to broad and deep technical expertise. Our team is ready to respond and address emergent facility issues, assist with complex building system processes, sustain efficient operations, manage capital projects or conduct training programs for your facilities operations. Across energy management, mechanical systems, construction, commissioning, strategic planning and other critical services, we provide solutions to the short- and long-term challenges campuses are facing. We develop solutions that address immediate issues, but also strategically address corrective actions for the long-term.

For instance, Aramark’s partnership with Neumann University over the past decade and a half led to numerous highly successful and creative renovation initiatives and custom-tailored new construction projects. From brand new sports fields to updated academic buildings, Aramark can consistently complete projects that exceed expectations – resulting in overall project cost savings and the holistic development of the university community.

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Asset Monetization and Energy Management

IMPACT — Make your campus infrastructure resources stretch further.

In today’s climate, harnessing all opportunities to reduce costs and drive revenue is a priority. One way to do so is by tapping into campus resources that can be monetized. For instance, your utility assets like energy infrastructure – that is, your power generation and distribution systems – can be leased to a utility partner, giving you an upfront capital infusion while reducing energy-related risk. We are experienced at monetizing higher education infrastructure or other related assets, and can support you in this process.

Additionally, optimizing your campus’ energy consumption can be an untapped opportunity to reduce costs and achieve savings. Our Engineering Solutions team develops energy management programs to meet the programmatic and financial needs of each institution. From performance contracting to systems optimization to operator training, we construct solutions that are embraced by administrations and campus communities. See some of our documented performance and learn how to reduce energy costs on your campus.


Innovation Through Research and Development

IMPACT — Exceed your goals with leading-edge technology and tools.

Our commitment to continuous innovation drives improvements on your campus. We help you leverage the latest tools to operate more efficiently and provide outstanding occupant experiences. From cleaning services to operational flow to energy management, our tech-forward solutions are specifically designed to fit your needs.

For example, AIWXTM Connect was deployed at Brenau University to leverage data analytics and insights for smarter campus facilities. This data intelligence platform transformed how the university’s facilities were managed. On-demand cleaning delivered a 49% improvement in productivity while maintaining APPA cleanliness level. Additionally, unstable humidity levels in the library were successfully diagnosed, reducing energy waste and user discomfort. Read the Brenau University case study.

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Sustainable Practices That Protect the Planet

IMPACT — Optimize operational efficiencies to reduce environmental impact.

Students are our future. Help protect their future with sustainable practices that positively impact the planet. Be Well. Do Well.® isn’t just a saying at Aramark – it’s built into everything we do. Creating a better world for generations to come is foundational to our facilities management strategies. We support our higher education partners to conserve resources, operate efficiently and reduce environmental impact. It’s not just good for business, it’s good for everyone.

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Safety Above All

IMPACT — Mitigate risks and care for your people with an eye to safety first, above all.

People are at the heart of all we do. Our commitment is to provide and sustain a workplace where we reach “Target Zero”, where no harm comes to people or the environment. Take comfort in knowing a partnership with Aramark will care for your employees and the campus community. Safety is first and foremost.

That’s why when we surveyed students and staff about cleanliness and safety at the higher education institutions we serve, we heard over and over again how Aramark exceeds expectations. That included everything from deep cleaning to contactless technology to mobile ordering solutions and more.

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Vast Experience Pulled From Across Industries

IMPACT — Access to cutting-edge advancements in facilities management.

When you partner with Aramark, you don’t just get a trusted advisor in the collegiate space. Our thorough, end-to-end facilities management expertise spans a range of industries, including education, healthcare, research, manufacturing, and many others. That means we see market innovations and shifts from all angles. The breadth and depth of our insight allows us to work with you on tailored, scalable solutions that meet your unique needs and help you remain on the forefront of providing modern facilities.

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There’s a good relationship between our leadership in the physical facilities operation and our contract service providers for the construction projects. All of these things have resulted in seamless projects that are on time, within budget and are a win for everybody. It’s so easy for an outsource service partner to lose momentum as a university’s needs evolve and grow, not only for maintenance management, but also new services to support campus growth. Aramark’s services have kept pace and continue to parallel our university’s extraordinary growth trajectory into new construction, technologies, innovation and operational efficiency. The result has been nothing short of miraculous.”

Dr. Scott D. Miller
VWU President

We’re the facilities management partner to help you.

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