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Eat to Excel gives student-athletes the nutrition they need for peak performance.

Eat to ExcelTM, created by Aramark Collegiate Hospitality's registered dietitians and culinarians, is a dietary performance program designed for all student-athletes regardless of their division. The program is accessible to every higher education institution, giving student-athletes access to the balanced nutrition information they need to support peak performance.

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An Invaluable Campus Resource

Eat to Excel is customizable to suit every student-athlete and every educational institution.
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The program integrates seamlessly with your existing campus dining solutions, highlighting menus and recipes in the residential dining hall and on-campus markets.

Easy to Use

With the AI-enabled mobile app, students can easily track their selections and identify options that best suit their specific needs from existing dining menu options. 


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Trusted Guidance Every Step of the Way

From program design to promotion and marketing to post-launch surveys, the Aramark Collegiate Hospitality team is with you every step of the way, helping your students reach their peak performance potential.
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Accessible Nutrition for Student-Athletes

At Viterbo University in Wisconsin, for example, Aramark worked closely with the Athletics Department to launch Eat to Excel in February 2023. The program was immediately and actively adopted by students. Within months, thousands of meals were logged and 50% of students reported choosing Eat to Excel foods daily.
Proper nutrition is critical for athletes to train and perform at a high level. I really believe it can be another competitive advantage for athletes, similar to what strength training did for athletes many years ago. The knowledge we have today to customize nutritional needs for various sports is amazing. That’s why I think the Eat to Excel program is important.”
Barry Fried
Viterbo University Athletics Director
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Bring Eat to Excel to Your Campus and Fuel Your Student-Athletes

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Grilled chicken and salad on a plate