Re-Engineering Solutions
That Inspire Opening with Confidence

Applying evidence-based practices to monitor and suppress coronavirus in accordance with public health guidelines.

Responding to the pandemic and capitalizing on stimulus funding challenges facilities owners to weigh many competing priorities. Creating more healthy living, learning, and working spaces requires evidence-based practices that monitor and suppress coronavirus and are in accordance with public health guidelines. Implementing practical solutions that are safer for occupants, financially responsible, strategically effective, and compliant requires specialized expertise.

Aligned with CDC, ASHRAE, OSHA guidelines, as well as Harvard University studies, Aramark delivers innovative and actionable solutions to enhance the indoor environment. Gain confidence that your spaces and air quality meet the latest guidance, and that limited funding is being spent wisely and efficiently.

Prepare Your Building Environmental Systems for Safer Occupant Return

  • Comply with healthy building industry best practices
  • Increase safety and reduce risks
  • Improve building system reliability and efficiency
  • Build resiliency for future environmental concerns
  • Integrate solutions with broader building systems strategies

Gain Confidence in Building Systems Operations:

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Optimize systems to meet recommended air changes per hour and building flush capabilities.

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Increase filtration efficiency to achieve equivalency targets of MERV 13 or better.

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Develop indoor air quality solutions that minimize energy impact while aligning with environmental guidance.

Prioritize Building Systems with a Re-occupancy Scorecard

Creating healthier environments requires a building-specific strategy. It is guided by the performance of existing systems, expected occupancy needs, and and building infrastructure. With multiple solutions available, choosing the right strategy to maximize limited resources requires insight into current systems and compliance guidelines.

Aramark provides campus administrators with a Re-occupancy Scorecard to understand the scope of need to bring buildings systems into compliance. Each building is assessed along with four variables necessary to create environments healthier for return.

  • Status of HVAC Equipment
  • Performance of Control Systems
  • Air changes per hour equivalency
  • Air Flushing Capabilities

Cost estimates are assigned along with specific, practical strategies based on building program needs. Campus administrators can balance priorities against funding limitations and return-to-campus strategies. Additionally, the Re-occupancy Scorecard compliments existing planning efforts, such as those tied to environmental stewardship, energy management, or deferred maintenance.

Re-occupancy in Action

In 2020, George Washington University (GWU) engaged Aramark Engineering and Asset Solutions to provide COVID-19 Healthy Building Services. The University sought to increase safety and reduce risks associated with their facilities. Aramark delivered an easily understandable, yet strategic, report card to align HVAC and building systems with CDC, ASHRAE, and OSHA industry guidelines. GWU used the information to make critical capital and environmental decisions on their existing buildings. Aramark is currently delivering turnkey project implementation services to bring building systems and facilities in compliance for return to campus. Watch the video to learn more.

Aramark Engineering and Asset Solutions (EAS)

Aramark has delivered over $10 billion in successful projects. Our expertise includes turnkey design build services, commissioning, and energy solutions for healthy building environments. Our program is completely turnkey, including inspection report cards, implementation plans, and capital project management.

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