The Case For Campus Allergy-Free Dining Zones

WRITTEN BY: Aramark Higher Education Team

Food allergies shouldn't be taken lightly, especially with the recent shortage of epinephrine and the growing number of allergies among the population. Many college students, off on their own for the first time, are now facing their allergies head on while navigating their school’s dining hall.

Students have the right to safe eating. Safe eating options not only increase student satisfaction, but give higher-ed institutions a competitive edge and boost profits.

Overall, about 5 percent of the population lives with a food allergy, which is more of a reason for colleges to adopt allergy-free zones. With safe food zones, students can dine without hesitation, trusting that their school has their safety in mind.

Discover why it is imperative your campus dining program implements an allergy-free dining zone in the fact-packed infographic below.

For a PDF version of the infographic, click here



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